Small intamate weddings in Cape Town

During this new norm of social distancing and lockdown, small intamate weddings are now also the new normal.

For Cape Town brides that is just great as we have so many gorgeous intamate beaches around this beautiful city.

Many of my brides I’ve seen during this time have had the nicest small intamate weddings on the beach front.

While brides in Cape Town have been getting married on the beach before lockdown, it just seems so much more special and fitting and of course beautiful!

This extremely beautiful bride Thaki got married in what I can describe as a very intamate, small ceremony. It happened on the beach front with only her mom and his dad the photographer the officiating officer and of their very cute 1 year old son.

She wore this very stunning flower slit front beach dress that fitted her body perfectly! Her chose of bouquet was a single protea flower.

Her joy and excitement is so evident in these pics shown here. While she is a naturally joyous and beautiful soul I do believe that the stress free intamacy of the whole day must have had a lot to do with it.

From the moment she walked into my place her energy and soul just excited me. Please do check out her YouTube channel.